Oct 30, 2012

Just what I needed.

First want to start out with a birthday shout out to the lovliest, most kind, Emily Holicky. She is 21 today and I wish more than anythin gI was there to celebrate with her. She and I have been there for eachother for 6 years now and I couldnt be more grateful for our friendship. Love you to the moon and back.
Everything about this past weekend was exactly what I needed. It seemed as if one good thing after another just kept happening. Starting out with the weather warming up. A lot. This was enough to make my weekend. Friday seemed to have visitors galore!
I started out my weekend by picking up my favorite boy from the airport.
Visitor #1: Scott.
Then I get home to the sweetest surprise from Salt Lake a my house.
Visitor #2: Shelby Hadley
Then as a group of friends, we all go to Gurus for dinner and to my surprise I see a group of Arizona boys visiting for the weekend. But I only really cared about one of them.
Visitor #3: Jon Duvall
Then late friday night I get the best text saying " I am in Utah and I cant wait to see you tomorrow!"
Visitor #4: Caitlin Palmer
How amazing is that? I LOVE VISITORS! It made an average weekend just a little more exciting. Especially having Scott in town. Thats always my favorite. Doing the long distance thing is hard. Really hard. We have been so lucky to both have flight benefits. It makes it so much easier that we still get to see eachother often. People joke and say we shouldnt be able to say we have a long distance relationship because of how often we see eachother but I dont care, its still hard and it still counts. Seeing eachother for 2 days every 2 weeks just is never enough, but its always the best 2 days of those 2 weeks. Thats for sure.
And speaking of visitors, guess who is coming in town tomorrow?
Nothing is better news to me than that right there. I am so so excited!
This will be Haleighs third visit since I have lived here (which doesnt sound right cause that seems like alot but it hasnt felt like enough at all) and this will be my moms first visit ever! I am so excited to just spend all my days with her, show her my house, introduce her to my friends, and let her see what my life has been for the past 6 months. Its going to be so great.

Anyways, back to the weekend. Some other great things that happened were I got my first letter from Anthony! It was the best! He is doing so good and I am so proud of him. It's still so weird to me that he is just a mile away from me. He told me that when he walks to the temple he looks at the "Y" and thinks of me. (My house is right under the Y) I get to drive past the MTC everyday on my way to work and to about everywhere and I always look for him/think of him. I miss him so much already. I am just glad he told me what times he goes the temple on Sundays and Mondays. I cant wait to visit him. Oops?
And lastly to finish off such a great weekend, my friends and I got together on Sunday for family dinner and we made tacos. And they were so good! I was so proud of them. They were obviously not as good as mexico's, but they were definitely in the running. I love starting out my sundays by going to church and being spiritually fed for the week and ending it with good food and even better friends.
All in all, this weekend was simple and calm but it was so perfect and exactly what I needed. Cant wait for tomorrow and this weekend to see what adventures will occur with two of my favorite people and with one of my favorite holidays.

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