Oct 25, 2012

And then it happened.

Remember yesterday when I talked about the S word? Well guess what.. today I woke up and there it was. It was like mother nature was laughing in my face. When I looked out the window it wasnt that bad. The streets looked wet and there was just a little snow on my neighbors roof and on top of the cars outside. That was the same for when I left my house, not to bad. I got in my car and started driving to work and thats when the storm hit. (I dont think it was actually a storm but it seemed like one to me) I couldnt see a thing. I normally get to see the lookout of the Provo valley on my way to work everyday, but today all I saw was white fog. It was SNOWING! Really really hard. When I pulled into work I was the first person to drive through the fresh powder. And thats the moment I realized this would be what I would have to deal with for the rest of my future. (Being dramatic. Only a few months.)
And so it begins.
It's all down hill from hear.
Keep me in your prayers please.

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