Oct 24, 2012


Right now I am cold.
I am laying in my bed under two down comforters, drinking hot chocolate, wearing a flannel under a pullover, sweatpants, and knee socks. 
And I am freezing.
I just dont understand. How do I get warm? I've never had to live like this. Today was the coldest day I have had since I have moved here. It felt like the worst winter day in Arizona. But its October. And its only going to get colder. Today it was 2 in the afternoon, 32 degrees, and raining and I thought I was going to die. What am I going to do when its 8 degrees and snowing? I have never been in the snow longer than 3 days and I am about to live in it? I dont think anyone really gets how much that thought scares me. Dressing for it, driving in it, everything. I dont even like when people mention the S word. It makes me legitimately scared. Take me back to the Arizona sun that I know and love. I cant handle the dreariness, its not good for my sanity. I can already feel the depression sitting in. Someone save me. 
Or just buy me a space heater and an electric blanket. 

This is me walking to my car the other afternoon. I took this video and sent it to my dearest friend Ernest. 

And this was his response to me. It just made me extremely jealous. annnnd miss him a whole lot. There are not a lot of people that can make me laugh like he can.

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