Dec 27, 2011

Im coming for you Asia!

Tomorrow I depart for Asia. That's right, two whole weeks of traveling with nothing but a backpack and an open mind. We fly from LA to Thailand where we will spend new years, then off to Cambodia to see the historic temple ruins, then to Malaysia for a 2 days, then to Singapore for 2 days, then off the the beaches of Indonesia for 4 days, then to Tokyo for a day for some real sushi, then back home. I couldn't be more excited for the adventures and memories that await me. Who knows, maybe I will come back with a little Indonesian or Thai buddy. At this point anything is possible. So here's to what could be best trip of my life. Bye bye America.


  1. I miss you, but I am so excited for your adventure to begin, have a blast, be smart and remember who you are

  2. SO SO glad you decided to go! You would have regretted that FOREVER! Hope your having TONZ of fun! SO jealous.