Dec 24, 2011

The Book.

Here are a few pages from the book that I made Elder Jones for Christmas. The book took about a month to do. It was a lot of work and time but I loved every second. I loved making such a meaningful and homemade gift for Spencer. Every page was made with love and had some sort of meaning or story behind it. I was a little sad to have to send it away because I wanted it here to look through everyday but I am SOOO excited for Spencer to open it tomorrow.
I told him he couldn't open his gift till Christmas unlike me who got his package in the mail yesterday and tore it open in 30 seconds. I could not resist. But shhh...dont tell him. He too sent such a meaningful gift to me for Christmas. Pictures and story to come soon.

I feel like every post is having to do with Elder Jones but I just dont really have anything else exciting happening in my life. Other than, finals are finished and it feels so good to be free from schoolwork for a whole month. My joy is beyond words. Finals week almost killed me mentally. I thought I was a goner. Thank goodness I'm alive cause I get to SKYPE SPENCER TOMORROW! Yet again, another exciting thing about Spencer but I cant contain myself. My excitement is unbearable. You know the next post will be about that of course but then I promise not to post about him for a whole three!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


  1. ahhh i love it hales! the handwriting has haleigh b written allllll over it. haha such a cute idea! have fun skyping! :)

  2. Looking at the clock right now knowing you are skyping with Spencer... So excited to hear all about it. Loved watching you put so much love into that book