Nov 2, 2011


There are too many reasons why October is my favorite month.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I'm obsessed with the fair.

Breast cancer month, raising awareness.

My best friends birthday.

The perfect weather.

All of the fall activities.. Haunted house, pumpkin carving, Carmel apples, trick or treating and dressing up.

Dressing up is my favorite part of all of October. I promise I will be that 80 year old grandma still dressing up every Halloween to pass out candy. I love it too much. This year I did something I'd never done. I was goth. I really think I play the part well. I never cracked a smile the whole night and I made sure to be scary. The weird thing was how many compliments I got like "this totally fits you" and "you could totally pull of being goth!" but I loved playing the part that by the end of the night I wanted to be goth always. Hmm maybe I will randomly dress goth sometimes to throw people off, it could be fun.

I'm gonna miss October but I must admit I do love how fast time is flying.

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