Oct 30, 2011


Happy Birthday to my one and only, Emily Holicky!

I only have a couple best friends but the ones I do have really mean everything to me.
Me and emily are celebrating our 5th year of being friends.
I can honestly say that she has shaped who I am.
She has been by my side through every crazy thing that has ever happened to me.
She has never let me down.
Emily is the girl that always can turn my bad day into a good one.
She's the first person I tell anything important to.
My partner in crime.
The one that could never judge me even if she tried.
Emily has the biggest heart and is the type of girl everyone loves.
She is known for always saying "Are you ok?", for our entire friendship I have always made fun of her for this. Even if I was having an amazing day, she still is always concerned about me. Even though it always makes me laugh, this is the exact reason why she is still in my life.
Why I love her so much.
Why I could never get rid of her.
Why I call her my best friend.

Happy 2oth, Shmem!
I dont know what I would do without you!

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  1. Whenever I am Having a bad day, I come back and read this and it just makes me smile!! Thank you for saying those nice things about me pretty girl!! Love you,