Feb 17, 2012

Gossip gurlz

Gossip. Why do people do it? Why do we as natural human beings find the need and entertainment of talking about others lives? I am guilty of this many many times in my life. But over time I have made it a goal of mine to eliminate it from my life. Since I have done that, it has become my biggest pet peeve. Hearing others talk about peoples personal issues and problems like its funny or interesting is so wrong.
My mom has always been the best example to me of someone who does not tolerate gossip and rumors. I remember a time in high school when me and my friends were talking about this specific girl that we thought was mean and catty. My mom overheard us and said "You dont know what trials she might be going through, and talking about her right now is just as bad as any crime she has committed." This always stuck with me. My mom always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, she never jumps to conclusions or believes what people tell her. She is a firm believer in defending the good of someone until she has heard of experienced the bad first hand.
Its people like my mom that make me want to be a better person. The kind of person that stops a gossip conversation from continuing. The kind of person that is nice to EVERYONE. Even if they have wronged me. I have learned that killing someone with kindness is the best thing to do in that situation. If you are always kind then you cant give people bad things to talk about.
Miss Kelsey Webster is the most perfect example of this.
She is amazing. Never met anyone quite like her. I have never heard Kelsey say anything bad about a single person. And same thing, I have never heard anyone say a single bad thing about her. Kindness pays off. It reflects on how others see you. I want to be like this.


  1. Agreed. 100%. my mom is literally THE EXACT same way. sometimes its frustrating she never takes my side no matter what someone has done to me but its such an example. obbbvvioussslllly i still need a lot of work to be as good as her but its every girls weakness. love you hales! love this post!

  2. I love You Hales-----live----learn----grow----teach others----and above all leave this life with NO REGRETS