Feb 22, 2012


Had a great presidents day weekend in Mexico with 4 couple and me and my mom. The 9th wheeling got old real fast but it was fun to be surrounded my so many amazing couples that love eachother. And I love all of them! We spent the weekend mostly eating lots of food, relaxing, watching movies, and yes I did watch Whitneys Houstons entire 5 hour funeral. The whole purppose of the trip was for Chloes birthday which was when blake proposed! They are getting married! YAY! All in all, it was an amazing weekend away.
The beautiful Smarts!
So excited and happy for them.
Cant wait to have a Sister in Law!
Me and my Mama
The cute couple after the engagement!
She is my favorite person in the world.
The Wrights! Love them.
And Wyley and Matti Brown were there too!

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  1. that was an amazing weekend, thank you for being a part of it Hales. You are a great example and I love you so much