Mar 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Mehico

Not only was this the best spring break I've ever had, but this was the best Mexico trip I have ever had! I was there for a week and completely dreading coming home. No more AMAZING food, no more sleeping in, and no more long days on the beach. I loved every second of this trip. I had the best family and friends surrounding me and couldnt ask for anything more. Back to school, diet and the rest of reality. So sad. I never wanted this week to end. Why cant I just move there? Hmp, maybe one day.

Heres a fun video I made of all the footage from the week. This video will never get old and is actually quite depressing as I am sitting here back in good ol' Gilbert!

1 comment:

  1. i loved every single little tiny thing about this trip. every litttle taco. all the coke. the drunk people. being sore from physical challege night. "tomorrow is st. patricks day". boobs. emily's funny face with her eyes rolling back. i even liked the smell coming from the laundry room...just kidding that was the only buzz kill. hahahahah VUCK YEAH. MEXICO 4LYFE.