Mar 22, 2011

My little lepricon

So before I left for mexico I sent Spence this package FULL of everything green for St. Patricks Day. Some of the things I sent him were a box of thin mints, clover cookies, sour patch, gum, apple sauce in a tube (kinda gross, but it was green), Irish Spring soap, some clover glasses, a fun clapper, bubbles, and of course a clover beret! I was so excited for him to get this package cause it was so random and I knew it would make him laugh. I told him he HAD to send a picture of him wearing all of his St. Pattys attire.

So yesterday I got this pictured emailed to me from his mom. Nothing has made me so happy. I love every single thing about this picture, even down to the ring I gave him before he left (not the ring pop). He said that St. Patricks Day is a huge deal in Savannah and they celebrate it like he's never seen before. He also said he was the only elder out of six to celebrate it in their house. I am so proud!


  1. this picture is priceless. so was the tube applesauce. cant wait for easter. it will be so hoppy...get it..hop..

  2. Haha! Haleigh, that is awesome! LOVE the beret! :)

  3. Oh My Goodness he looks so cute, you did good on that package. I love you girly