Mar 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

To the Birthday Girl:

You are 20 today! It seems like yesterday we shared a room with bunnies on the wall, we were building forts between our beds, playing hide and go seek in closet, walking to the bus stop, writing on our closet walls all our secrets, playing barbies under the pool table, and saying "I love you, goodnight. Tap on your bed once if you're asleep and twice if you just dont want to talk."
Then when we got older, but still were the best of friends. I miss waking up every morning and getting ready for school together on my floor, meanwhile talking about what had happened the night before. I miss ditching A hour and going to ihop. I miss driving all around for literally hours just looking at houses. Or blaring music and dancing with our "face". We may be totally different in a lot of things but at the same time we are so much alike. We always read eachothers mind. We always know when something is weird, uncomfortable, or awkward cause we always look directly at eachother and laugh. You are the funniest person and always make me laugh so hard. Ill never forget the night before you moved to Utah we stayed up and cried. I thought you were dying. Even though it was just Utah... and we fly for free. I missed you so much but now I finally have you back to the great state of Az. And even better I have you across the hall again! Thank you so much for not only being an amazing big sister to me but for also being my bestest friend, my numba one girl, my main squeeze. Even though you now have a new best friend/husband/better half... blah blah blah whatever. Dont forget whos known you for all 20 years, well 18, ME!

Ps. Sorry for that one time I threw my Ipod at your head. This post got me thinking about all our old times. That one came to mind.

I love you so much Kaitlyn Rae. Youre the best. Happpy Birthdayyy!

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  1. Oh Hales! I love it:) That last pic got me a little emotional!