Feb 13, 2011

Stephie and Stevie

Yesterday my friend Stephanie from California had a layover in Phoenix for five hours on her way to Hawaii. So me and Emily picked her up in the morning and took her to Crackers for breakfast then we went to Scottsdale mall. We parked right outside H&M and we saw Steve Nash walking. So of course we followed him into Starbucks and I snagged this picture with him. It kinda made my day. Well that and seeing my best friend of course! May I just say, I love her to pieces.


  1. Hales you look so cute next to Nash with his Budweiser shirt on-----glad you had a great day you deserve it Love mumsie

  2. holla!
    girl i want to follow your blog, but you see.. im at a loss because there's no follow button? maybe im blogger handicapped, but i must follow.

  3. aww i love love love this! im so glad i found your blog:) now we can follow eachother! yay love you much doll