Feb 14, 2011

The Day of Love

So this Valentines Day started out good, then it just got more and more depressing with every love post I saw on here and on facebook. Not to mention every hour that went by that I didn't get an email from my boy. Mondays are his pdays so I was soo excited to hear from him. But no email. It made me feel better when I heard from his mom that his email account hasn't been set up yet.

Anywaaaayys back to Valentines Day, we had a girls night at Haleighs. We went to sauce for a yummy dinner, then watched the bachelor, then enjoyed all 5 deserts we had! My day was slowly getting better, but secretly I still was so sad I didn't get to hear from Spence. So on my way home, may I say its 11:30, I stopped to get the mail... I got a letter AND a voice recording, (I got him a tape recorder before he left) this is what made this the BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!

I have never been so happy, it was so great to hear from him, not only in writing, but his actual voice! It was 15 minutes long, and I loved every second of it. He told me
"a day in the life of Elder Jones" and both of his companions introduced themselves and then he ended it with my favorite thing ever, his famous growl. He knows how to make me smile. After listening to that, I read the letter I got which was also so amazing.

This was my favorite part:
" You're my little rainbow. My Haleigh Bear/ pumpkin/ princess/ caterpillar/ raisin/ oatmeal/ cookie/ firework/ donkey/ VALENTINE/ gurl/ gf/ angel/ helper/ everything. Have a happy Valentines Day!"

Hahaha he still makes me laugh so hard.
I miss him like crazy, but even from Georgia he made this the best valentines day Ive ever had. I sure do love him. Thanks Spence, you da best.


  1. Awh!! This is adorable. Glad you got your letter haleigh :) we should make bachelor a religious thing to watch it together, even though it probably only has a month left!

  2. I love the -raisin-oatmeal-cookie-part
    He is so cute, hope you wait for this one, he's a keeper
    love mama

  3. Haleigh,
    This made me smile so big girl. You two are SO cute. Missions are such a bittersweet thing. But it goes be super quick.

  4. awh i just love you guys i cant say it enough!