Feb 1, 2011

Its February!

Yesterday I went to lunch at Oreganos with these cute girls!
What a great way to end a great month!

I am happy it is a new month and I am excited for it!
February means one month closer to spring break,
one month closer to the Easter Pageant,
one month closer to summer,
and one month closer to ALL my boys coming home
(Blake, Kc, Josh, Chase and Spencer)!
So heres to a new month, yay for February!


  1. talk about HAWT stuff right here! i hope we're taking a rain check for the Bachelor. because the next episode looks amazing haha

  2. one month of 2011 down only 11 to go, I love you

  3. Awh this was so much fun! :) can't wait to do it again.. On valentines.. Then we should all bring a dessert?! :) love you allll