Jan 30, 2011

This is my little man Recker Jay!
Yesterday I took this crazy boy outside to play,
meanwhile snapping some fun pictures!
I love him so much!

After a long day he rested with bon bon
and watched Toy Story of course!

Today was Aarons farewell!
He did so good and is going to be such a great missionary!
He talked alot about Spencer in his talk
and it made me miss him alot...
more than I already do!
Aaron and Spence have always been such good friends
and very lucky to have eachother!


  1. hales.. you are such a good photographer. i love the picture of recker and your mom.. so cute

  2. Thanks Haleigh! I just noticed the teeth a few days ago and it all makes sense now since he's been more grumpy lately!

    Love your post about Spen, btw. So sweet!

  3. Oh yes, that would explain the grumpiness! Its crazy how big they get so fast!

    Thank you, I miss him! Could you possibly email me those pictures from the open house? A lot of mine were blurry so I was hoping you got some good ones!