Feb 23, 2011

Ill take one of those.

I want. I want. I want.


  1. haleigh, your blog is adorable! love that tiny girl with the chanel bag:]

  2. Awh thanks Taylor! I know isnt she the cutest? I want her!

  3. Gosh! You are so beautiful!!! I wish you were mine, but I'm too old! I look at all your pictures on Monya's website - everyday!!! After reading your profile - I was saddened that you're so liberal with youself!!! Are you a member of the church? I hope you are! I hope you have a testimony of the gospel! I know this sounds condescending, but I have to remind you that just because something feels good emotionally or physically - it doesn't mean it's right! I'm sorry! I really love you!!! How are you related to Monya? I wonder! Please stay close to her! Believe me - she's got the answers for you if you're willing to consider her thoughts and experience!!! I wish I could meet you!!! If I was younger - I would stop at nothing to try and win your love!!!!!! You are so beautiful!!! Please post more pictures!!! Preferably in a Sunday dress!!! You're very special!!!


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