Jan 26, 2011

lovah boi

For those of you who dont know him,
(which most of you do considering there is
a maximum of 10 people who read my blog),
this is Spencer Owen Jones.

I know that I have mentioned him before,
but I just thought I would give him the proper introduction.

I met Spence 5 months ago.
I felt like I was meeting a famous person because
I had heard all about him and his amazing miracle recovery.
I instantly had the BIGGEST crush on him.
Little did I know he had a crush too.
We had out first date and then never separated.

The past months have been the best months of my life.
Not only because of Spencer but because I learned a lot about myself.
I have found a new happy that I never knew I had.
And Spencer is to thank for 99% of that.

He is the most amazing person I've ever met.
No one has ever made me smile as much as him.
He is the funniest person I know, and can make me
laugh harder than anyone. We could be doing absolutely
nothing and still be having so much fun.
We could be our crazy weird selves around each other, mostly me.
He has always been there for me and is the best friend Ive ever had.

We both knew that the time would come when he would
have to leave for his mission. And now its that time.
We had one week to prepare, do all the activities we wanted,
and to say our goodbyes. Spence left this morning for Macon, Georgia.
It was hard, and ill miss him, but Ive never been so proud!

Spencer will be such an amazing missionary and
bless the lives of so many in Georgia! He has been through a ton
this past year and I look up to him so much!
I am so proud of him and his desire to serve the Lord.
I know that there is no where else he should for these next 21 months.
He is such a good example to me and makes me want to be better.

My testimony has grown so much these past months
and especially this past week. This church is the most amazing
thing in my life and I know that it is true.
I know that through obedience, repentance, and service
I can return to my Heavenly Father.

I know a couple months isnt a long time to spend with someone.
And I dont know what my future has in store for me.
But I do know that I wouldnt change a thing about
the time I had with Spencer.
I am a better person because of him and I am
forever grateful for that. Hopefully time will
fly by and I will be seeing him in 21 months!

I Love You Elder Jones!


  1. Make me cry why don't you. I love you so much hales and I am so happy for you! He will be back soon and in the meantime you get to hang with meee :) love, emily b.

  2. I love you Hales, you are a strong person and will be fine, just write alot and send some packages of love