May 22, 2013

Sister Kimberlee Quent

Last night Kimee got home from Switzerland, showed her family pictures and souvenirs, and then pulled out an unopened mission call and surprised her whole family with the news. I am so beyond proud and excited for this girl. Whenever I think about it all, I just start to cry. This girl is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I'm so jealous that people in Portland get her for 18 months. Love you more than you know Sister Quent!

Sister Quent from haleigh on Vimeo.

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  1. Clear over from Paris France.... Eric and I are so happy, tears of JOY. Haleigh of all the things I want you to do for yourself and Scott is keep up this blog, oh how your children will love it. Even when it seems not much is going on, to your children, even If You and Scott go to the Temple or out to buy groceries it will be exciting for your children to read. I love you so much! Journaling your life together with Scott, your new family and friends is the best ti read back later and remember. Good job keep it up mama