Mar 5, 2012

Papa Rico

Can I just say how amazing my dad is? I dont mean to brag, but I must. My dad is by far one of my most favorite people in the world. He's tied with my mom. I hope my future husband is exactly like how my dad is to my mom. He has been by my moms side through a lot and is still so crazy in love with her. I hope he is a father exactly my my dad has been to me. My favorite thing to do is give my dad a huge hug everyday when he gets home from work. I love how he always hugs all of us kids and even my friends and tells them he loves them. He has taken in 3 different families into our home as well as let 4 of our friends live with us (at different times of course). He makes it easy to come to him with anything. He is willing to help anyone in need and loves to see others happy and having fun. But most of all, he is the most entertaining person I've ever met. Constantly keeping me laughing without even trying. I feel so grateful and so lucky to be blessed into such an amazing family with the best parents in The world.

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