Jan 7, 2012


Talk about a rich place... This is it. Singapore is the most clean and rich city/country I've ever been to. I had no idea what to expect coming here. Jeff and Scott's sister and brother in law live in Malaysia and were in Singapore for business so it worked out perfectly. We were able to stay in their five star hotel with them. The hotel had the most incredible Poolside, rooftop view. It was nice to have a day of luxury.... Really nice. Hot shower, clean bed and sheets, continental breakfast. The whole country is the city as well. It's the size of a small island and is know for being extremely clean. No garbage on the streets, everything is so pretty. The architecture of the building is like nothing I had ever seen before too. This country is able to stay so clean due to very strict laws such as no chewing gum, no spitting, no picking at the flowers or bushes, and you can only get a taxi from a taxi station. The mall there was the nicest mall I've ever been to and goes underground for miles under the entire island. It was dreamy. I love Singapore but if I ever came back I would have save up for a couple years to afford anything.

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