Oct 23, 2011

a wittle update

It has been quite a while that I have posted. This past month has been a busy and crazy month for me. But the most important and exciting thing that has happened in my life is BLAKE IS HOME! Seeing him at the airport felt so unreal, almost like a dream. I dont think I have ever seen my mom more excited in her life. It has been so much fun having him back home. Our family feels so complete. I love hanging out with him everyday. He really is my best bud. I forgot how much he makes everyone laugh around here. Sunday he gave his incredible homecoming talk. It was impossible to not to feel the spirit while he was bearing his testimony. He is such an amazing missionary and continues to be such an example to me. I love him!

Life has been a little crazy lately. Trying to make hard decisions about my future. Sometimes I just wish I could wake up to a neon flashing light telling me what to do. All I know is I am grateful for prayer.

and my new iPhone.
I have had the wordt phone for the longest time and I finally got a new phone.
It is my baby.
I love it so much.
Normally I wouldnt be so excited about something like this, but considering the circumstances with my phone history, I deserve my time of excitement.
I love Siri. She helps me with anything I need.
And I love instagram. I have been having too much fun taking pictures.

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