Sep 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Favorite.

Today is Spencers 21st birthday!
I feel like I always talk about Spencer but I had to do a birthday post of course.
So sorry if you are sick of hearing about him.
Most of my friends and family are just used to it by now.
They are my favorite.

(I thought this picture was appropriate for a birthday, wahoo!)

I have been getting excited for Spencers birthday for a couple weeks now.
Its hard to think of what to send a missionary especially when the only food the missionary likes is fruit.
After much thought and waiting time, I put together a small package for spence consisting of a tie, journal, a mesa, az t-shirt, some big hunks, and my favorite gift... a picture of Christ. For my birthday he sent me the framed picture of Christ that he had next to his bed, so for his I did the same. I have had the same framed picture next to my bed for a couple years and it is my favorite. I know he will love that alot since hes gone a couple months without one.

This whole day I have been thinking alot about Spencer.
And of course everytime I think about him I think about the Lord and this gospel.
Ive thought alot today about how grateful I am to have Spencer in my life.
Every letter I get strengthens my testimony and brings me closer to the Lord.
Spencer is the most loving, humble, spiritual person I know
and because of him I strive to become a better person.
In this past year of knowing him, I have grown more than anyone could ever understand. I am so thankful for the blessing he has been in my life
and the example he continues to be for me.

Ive thought a lot about timing lately.
Why things happen how and when they do.
I remember before Spencer left he had said to me that
us meeting when we did was bad timing because he was leaving so soon.
For a long time I agreed with that.
I always wished that we had better timing.
But now looking at everything that has happened in our lives,
I know that I met Spencer how I did for a reason.
He was meant to be brought into my life when he did.
The timing of everything couldnt of been more perfect.
Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways
and I am so grateful for that.

I miss Spencer alot.
He really is the funniest person alive and can put a smile on me the size of china.
But I am even more proud of him and what he is doing.
He is such an amazing missionary and is changing peoples lives.
I could never ask for anything better.

stay golden, sunshine.


  1. Love, Love, Love this post Hales--Spencer is doing the Lord's work for now, and really in HIS time it's just a blink of an eye--Spencer will be home before you know it--I love what a great example he has been not only to you but to so many others--all I ever hear about him is GOOD. Hey, don't knock the people who love fruit the most--you know how I love fruit???

  2. i love you haleigh williams. two years will come soon enough and i will just follow you two around with a camera and take pictures and cry out of happiness.