May 8, 2011

She is amazing.

So I have the best mom in the entire world.
Its a known fact.
She is THE most amazing person Ive ever met,
and I dont plan on meeting anyone better.

She makes me laugh like no one else.
Listens to me cry and complain.
Helps me through any trial or problem.
Loves me unconditionally.
And simply does more than any expectation.
Like I said before, she is amazing.

She has supported me with every decision I have made.
She is the person I know I can always turn to.
She has so much life experience and knows more about going
through trials than anyone Ive ever met.
And still she has an unshakable testimony.

I hope to be half the mother someday that she has been to me.
She has taught me what its like to be a good mom.
She is the woman that gave me life and taught me everything I know.
I am and forever will be grateful for the one and only
Monya BonBon.
Happy Mothers Day Mom, I love you forever!


  1. I love you Hales, thank you so much, you make it easy to be a MOM

  2. Hales this was the seetest tribute! You are blessed!