Jan 20, 2011

Exciting news!

Spencer got his call yesterday and he is going to...
Macon, Georgia Spanish Speaking!
Even more exciting news, he leaves...
In one week!
I am so excited and happy for him!
His dad went to Atlanta, Georgia on his mission
so they were both so ecstatic about the call!

His mission is the one in orange. As you can see, its huge!
It has five stakes in his whole mission, and it covers
that little part of South Carolina!
It is a really rural mission which is exactly what he wanted!

I was so excited when I found out!
I even changed his ringtone to Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles.
Mostly as a joke, but somewhat serious.
And I will admit, I used the Georgia font on this post.
Its just all so exciting!
Not gonna lie, the one week thing was a bitter surprise to me.
But I know that there is nothing and no where else he should be right now!
He is going to be an amazing missionary and bless the lives of so many.
I am so proud of you Spencer Owen!


  1. okay, so cute haleigh! i'm such a creep i know, dont you judge! haha but how exciting for him and definitely bitter sweet for you but letters and packages are fun i've heard! woo hoo :)

  2. The time will go by so fast, just think Blake is coming home this year. You are so right, a mission is exactly where Spencer should be, because it's where he wants to be. You will write him, we will all send packages and miss him, but the Lord will protect him.

  3. Ali you are so cute, i dont judge you, im just as big of a creep! I didnt know you had a blog, but I am going to follow you! yeah I am very excited, its just so soon!

  4. Girl you've got this! It will fly by....Christian gets home in 5 months! Wow. You guys are adorable, and he's going to be an AWESOME missionary!